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I suffered from chronic low back pain due to a herniated disc and a synovial cyst which pinched nerves on both my left and right side.  I was in chronic pain and everyday it was worsening.  I COULD NOT WALK, SIT, LIE DOWN or SLEEP.

After only a few treatments, I felt a difference and from there, it got better and better.  Now, my cyst has disappeared and I no longer need surgery.

I believe that acupuncture is a wonderful medicine and I have the utmost respect for it and for Dr. Amy Fleetman who helped rid me of excruciating pain.
              Marylena T.

In May of 2009, I had a terribly painful attack of gout in my right knee, ankle and big toe.   Two sessions under Dr. Amy Fleetman's needles and the pain was gone and I walked away like in my good days.  As maintenance, Dr. Amy prepared an herbal extract that helped me remain pain free.  I think Dr. Amy is a real "miracle healer".  Forever grateful,
                Stefan D.



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