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German Auricular Medicine

What is German Auricular Medicine?

German Auricular Medicine (G.A.M.) is a system of ear acupucnture that is unique in its precise and profound ability to identify and treat otherwise undetectable blockages to healing.  G.A.M. is endorsed and practiced by thousands of European physicians but is relatively new to the U.S.

Ancient auricular medicine was practiced in China, dating back to 475 BC.  However, modern Auricular Medicine was developed by Dr. Paul Nogier or France during the 1950s through the 1980s.  He discovered the correspondence between specifics parts of the body and the auricle of the ear.  He discovered that the Ear provides a precise map and that it functions as a projection of the brain.  G.A.M. allows the clearing of negative effects of old scars, traumas, unresolved health problems to be assessed and cleared.  This allows the body and mind a "fresh start".

Auricular medicine work was further developed by Dr. Frank Bahr, a student and colleague of Dr. Nogier.  This system is what is known as German Auricular Medicine.

In 1982, the World Health Organization standardized many ear reflex points because it is so safe and effective in bringing rapid results.

What conditions does Auricular Medicine treat?

G.A.M. is useful in treating or resolving chronic pain, neurological conditions, hormonal problems, migraines, insomnia, stress, depression, bowel disorders and mood disorders.


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